Boston Harbor Islands SwimRun is one of two new events Odyssey is introducing in 2019. With the success and support of our founding race, Casco Bay SwimRun, we decided to add another east coast race to our portfolio. Besides, who doesn’t want to go to Boston? A vacation and tourist destination the world over, Boston offers something for everyone from historic, activity, and scenery perspective. Having a SwimRun event in “Beantown” had to happen.

Boston Harbor Islands SwimRun has a combined total swimming and running distance of around 15.65-miles with 3 of it being spent in Boston Harbor. It consists of 4 salt water harbor swims between 5 different Islands. Athletes start their day out with a 3.6-mile run on Peddocks Island before they swim about 1-mile/1600-meters to Georges Island (arguably the most historic island in the harbor). After a quick 1.3-mile run on Georges swimrunners swim 500-m to Lovells where they go .75-miles to get to the longest swim of the day to Long Island. The swim to Long Island is 1850-meters or 1.15-miles but offers swimmers a break on Nick’s Island for those that need to rest a bit before continuing on to Long. Once on Long island athletes run about 3.5 miles along the shore and through the middle of the island before entering the bay on the southwest corner for the their last swim of the day to the race finish at Spectacle Island. Once out of the water and onto Spectacle only a 3.5-mile run stands between teams and their glorious finish of the Boston Harbor Islands SwimRun.

Boston Harbor is a vacation destination for so many in the summer months. To be able to host a SwimRun on these historic islands and waters is a real privilege and something to cherish. We hope you’ll join us for this inaugural event and stay a while after the event and enjoy all the City of Boston has to offer.


For a more detailed, step-by-step description of both courses please checkout our Boston Harbor Islands Course Webinar on our YouTube Channel (Coming May 2019).