ODYSSEY SWIMRUN FOOTWEAR SPONSOR - VIVOBAREFOOT - As an official sponsor VIVOBAREFOOT have designed the ultimate off road amphibious running shoes for Swimrun! Learn more about the sport and how to get involved by visiting our website.

ODYSSEY SWIMRUN SWIMWEAR SPONSOR - ROKA - We equip, empower, inspire and ignite those who aren’t afraid of doing hard things, those who seek to push themselves to their limit – whatever and wherever that might be. If you are up for tackling challenges head on, you're in the right place.

ODYSSEY SWIMRUN SAFETY SPONSOR - NEW WAVE SWIM BUOY - New Wave Swim Buoy is a trusted companion for Open Water Swimmers. It provides visibility in Open Water, safe place to float and rest and storage for personal items. If you are an avid sea, lake or river swimmer, we strongly encourage you to check out this swim safety device as you never know what could occur during your open water swim. Just inflate, strap it around your waist and start swimming! Even if you are an advanced swimmer who is pushing the possibilities of the sport of swimming, taking with you the New Wave Swim Buoy is always a bright idea.

ODYSSEY SWIMRUN ELECTROLYTE SPONSOR - PRECISION HYDRATION - Our mission is to give every athlete access to a personalised hydration strategy so that they have the best chance of achieving their goals.

LES CHENEAUX WATER SAFETY SPONSOR - WOODS & WATERS - Boating, specifically with our former Boston Whaler 190 Outrage, brought us to the LCI in 2011. After years of trailering that boat (and a previous ‘70s-era Newport Whaler) around Michigan to investigate various lakes and camp (always in the rain), we planned a week-long stay in Hessel. Like many before us, we were hooked. Since 2012, we have spent as much time as possible here — only returning to Grand Rapids after our cottage was winterized late each fall. Even though the Whaler has been changed to a 170 Montauk, we have never grown tired of exploring the local waters by both motor — and paddle.

We live with the goal of adventuring often, and as the new owners of Woods & Waters, we are eager to experience exactly that with you. Call ahead or stop in to book your adventure with us today!

LES CHENEAUX FOOD/DRINK SPONSOR - LES CHENEAUX DISTILLERS - Les Cheneaux Distillers, located in Cedarville, Michigan. We are a licensed distillery/brewery offering our own handcrafted vodka, beer, and food!