Do you offer refunds or transfers to other athletes?

No we do not. Events of this nature have a lot of costs that are required to be paid far before the event takes place. For this reason we simply cannot offer refunds of any kind for any reason. Deferrals to another calendar year are not allowed either because in doing so it takes spots from that year that generate revenue to pay for that event. We cannot transfer funds from the previous year’s registration because in most cases they have already been allocated to pay for that year’s event even if that participant doesn’t show.

Transfers from one participant to another are not allowed. If you have an emergency and your teammate cannot attend, forcing you to change your teammate to another athlete, we may allow it, but you need to email us at for review of that request (subject: teammate change)

Do you allow transfers to other events (same athlete) owned by odyssey?

Yes we do. We allow a team, or individual/solo, to transfer between any of our events (Boston, Casco, Les Cheneaux, Orcas) within the same calendar year. Transfer requests from one event to another MUST be made within at least 6-weeks of both the event you’re transferring out of and the event you are transferring into. A transfer fee of $50 will be taken at time of transfer. Your entry MUST stay in your team/individual(s) name(s) and may not be used by anyone else. If you would like to request a transfer please email us at (subject: transfer)

Can I switch within an event from one distance to another or from team to individual/solo?

Yes you can. We do allow athletes to transfer from one distance to another with events that have both short and long courses (Casco Bay and Orcas) but requests must be submitted to (subject: distance/category change) at least 6-weeks prior to the event date. We also allow athletes to transfer from team to individual/solo or vice versa. If you are changing from team to individual/solo there will not be a refund of the cost difference. If you are changing from individual/solo to a team entry you will be responsible for paying the difference in cost.

What do the hydration/nutrition stops offer on the course?

The race will provide a foldable flask / cup (we are a cupless course) for water and Precision Hydration (electrolyte) at aid stations. Redd Bars will also be available at select aid stations. We suggest you discuss with your teammate your nutrition strategy and carry with you anything else you think you may need. We also suggest having a few dollar bills on you. Children have been known to have drink stands out on the course trying to turn a profit. : )

The race is sold out. Can you still signup?

If the race shows that it is sold out it’s sold out. You are certainly welcome to email us at (subject: sold out) to see if there’s perhaps anything we can do, but more than likely we are completely full when it states that we are sold out on the website. Remember to signup early to ensure your team/individual spot at the start line and also to save the most money.

What are cut-offs?

Cut-offs are designated times by which athletes need to have ARRIVED AND LEFT a particular hydration/nutrition station to continue on the course. This helps our race organization coordinate with our marine safety course officials and make sure everyone is safe and the race is progressing in a timely manner. We institute very generous cutoffs usually around 2:45/100m pace in the water and 12:30/mile pace on land. This will vary depending on where in the course you are, the terrian, currents, and such, but our cutoffs are figured at around those average paces. We rarely have issue with teams not making cutoffs but please be realistic with yourselves about your abilities going into the event.

What happens if I don’t make a cut-off?

As these cut-off times are for safety and the sake of our volunteers, we appreciate your full cooperation. If you don’t leave the aid station before the cut-off time, you will be pulled/disqualified from the event. Please accept your fate with grace. Volunteers will help you find a ride or ferry to the finish or you will go to the finish line with them when the hydration/nutrition station closes, where we hope you’ll celebrate the day with us. We take this rule very seriously and a violation of this policy could result in a ban from future races.

I would like to volunteer. How do I get signed up?

The races would not happen without our wonderful volunteers! If you would like to volunteer please look to the menu bar of this website and scroll over/click the item that says “Volunteers.” From there a dropdown menu of all the events will appear and you simply click on the event you’d like to volunteer for. Once you are on the correct volunteer signup page you will see a form you must fill out to officially be registered to volunteer. All volunteers receive a volunteer shirt, and drinks/snacks. Large groups wishing to volunteer and be eligible for group donations (as a thank you) may do so but are required to still signup as individuals just like everyone else. If you have a group that would like to volunteer please email us at (subject: volunteer group). We will add your group to our list and when your individuals signup via our online system they will list your group’s name. Volunteer shifts will only be counted towards a group’s total if they are worked in their entirety and the individual checks in and out with our volunteer coordinator.

I want to signup but don’t know the best travel arrangements. Can you help me?

Yes. We realize that signing up for events like this is typically the easiest part. The planning that comes after is the hard and sometimes stressful/frustrating part. If you would like a bit of guidance you may review our “Travel” pages that are at the bottom of each race’s drop down menu via the menu header above on our website. On the travel page you will find recommendations on how to book your flight, rental car, lodging, and more. We do not book anything for the athlete, we are only here to take care of the event and the athletes, but we can offer some suggestions to help you start your planning process.