We love to support teams, clubs, organizations, and any other large groups that want to come out and fill volunteer shifts for us. In return, as a thank you, we make donations to those groups.

To qualify for a donation your group needs to be at least 5-10 people (or more) and complete at least as many shifts as they have volunteers. The more shifts, the more the donation to the group. On average we usually give a $10 donation per 4 hour volunteer shift completed. Please keep in mind this is NOT pay for work. This is volunteer work that we reward the group as an entire entity with a donation to say thank you. Very large groups will earn even more per shift and may qualify for a bonus donation.

PLEASE NOTE that all individuals of all groups must still individually register so we have record of their registration, we have their shirt size, and they sign off on our liability waiver. To do so simply go to the volunteer dropdown area of the website menu (top) and select the event you want to register to volunteer for, from the dropdown menu. During that signup there is a spot on the form that asks if they are part of a larger group and if so what is the name of the group. At the end of the event we tally up those signups per group to come up with the number. All individuals will also be required to check in and out for their shifts to have them counted towards their group’s total.

If you have any questions or just want to talk to us about your group, please email us at support@odysseyswimrun.com.

We will also sign off on mandatory school volunteer hours for elementary/middle/high schools as well as any colleges that might require it.